Disposable Coveralls Deltatek5000

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Disposable Coverall

DELTATEK 5000 Disposable Hooded Overall.


Non-woven microporous laminate Deltatek® 5000, Fastening with zip under adhesive flap (top and bottom opening), Elasticated waist and ankles, Knitted wrist, Anti-static. Individual airtight pack,Lint free, Extra soft, Silicone free.

Non woven Deltatek® 5000 microporous laminate 63 g/m². • 70% polypropylene / 30% polyethylene - The polyethylene film ensures greater resistance to chemical hazards and higher mechanical resistance (abrasion - tearing) Protection: Clean rooms Veterinary services General Maintenance Nuclear industry Antistatic, Biological, chemical particles,Heavy industry, Light industry, Hygiene environments. Standards. EN13034:2005+A1:2009 TYPE 6-B Limited protection against liquid chemicals + biological protection Type6B EN ISO 13982-1:2004+A1:2010 TYPE 5-B Protection against dust (asbestos) + biological Type 5B EN14126:2003+AC:2004 EN1073-2:2002 CLASS 2 Radioactivité - Facteur de protection 50 - Classe 2 EN1149-5:2008 Electrostatic propertiesl

Applications: Non-Toxic Liquids and Dust

Civil Defence, Construction, Painting and Decorating, Food Processing and Packaging, Medical and Emergency

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