Workplace 1-25 Person First Aid Kit,

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Workplace 1-25 Person First Aid Kit - Soft Pack, Wall Mountable Plastic Box, Landscape Wall Mountable Plastic Box. Wall Mountable Metal Box Landscape or Portrait or as a Landscape Clear Front Wall Mount. Also as a Refill pack
  • Soft Pack –  In a green first aid bag with handles
  • Wall Mountable –  Is a green plastic box that is detachable from its mounting bracket
  • Metal Box as an option
  • Clear Front Box as an option
  • The refill pack is to fully restock your first aid kit
Contents Workplace 1-25 person First Aid KitQuantity
Triangle Bandage2
Roller Bandage 5cm1
Roller Bandage 7.5cm1
Medical Tape 25mm1
First Aid Tips1
Clean Up Bag2
Scissors Medium Rescue Shears1
Safety Pins10
First Aid Tweezer1
Antiseptic Wipes5
CPR Face shield1
Examination Gloves Pair2
Eye Pad Single3
Gauze Swabs 2's Sterile4
Non Adherent Dressings Small1
Non Adherent Dressings Medium2
Wound Dressing Medium1
Wound Dressing Large1
Combine Dressing Small1
Combine Dressing Medium1
Fabric Plasters Assorted12
Fabric Plasters Normal25
Fabric Plaster 1m Dressing Strip1
First Aid Bag Or Container1
Saline Wound & Eye Irrigation120ml
Hep Warning Label1
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