Premium Live Wire Harness, CINCH Range

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New CINCH range of Y-TECH harnesses by QSI

Premium Live Wire Harness
The Y-TECH Pro Tower Harness has been developed following extensive consultation with our power utility end-users, giving them the features they desire most. This harness has been designed to eliminate restriction on the shoulders, allowing total upper body movement.

 Premium Live Wire Harness Features

  • Alloy components.
  • Webbing dorsal ring.
  • Pole strap attachment points.
  • Glove and barrier from waist up.
  • Free fall arrest attachment points. Chest straps raise or lower seat for comfort.
  • Easy donning & doffing due to the quick release buckles and specialised design.
  • Y-shaped back reduces the pressure on the upper torso allowing more freedom to reach out.
  • Bright colours with reflective stitching built into the webbing allows for higher visibility under work lights.
  • Reduced obstructions on the top of the harness help prevent entanglement while working through power lines.
  • Flexible, water-resistant padding on waist and seat allows continued comfort for long periods of time, even while sitting in a vehicle.
  • Rear buckle to allow for adjustment of the back webbing ring (this allows for users of different heights to be comfortable).
  • Adjustable seat that can be adjusted to allow for comfortable seating during pole strap work. This unique feature allows the user to customise the seat to their work style.
Suitable applications: line work, tower work, glove and barrier, pole top and work positioning.
Certified to: 1891.1:2007.
Available sizes: small, standard (M to 2XL), 3XL
Harness weight: approx. 2.54kg
User weight rating: 150kg
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