Cotton Interlock Glove (12 Pair pack)

$17.30 Excl GST

Cotton Interlock Glove
  • This is the thinnest of cotton gloves made of a tightly woven cotton fabric offering excellent dexterity for light assembly work.
  • Reversible and can be used as an under or inner glove with a leather or PVC glove over the top.
  • Many of these gloves are sold to collectors who don't want their hands to come in contact with the collectibles, but who need very good "feel".
  • Other uses have included being worn by people with a tendency to scratch themselves in their sleep, people who get bad dermatitis from dust or dry substances, people wanting to protect painted nails and being used as an underglove for boxing gloves or situations where hands may sweat.
  • 12 pairs per packet
  • Size S,M,L
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