Cotton Interlock Glove (12 Pairs)

$38.20 Excl GST

These are the thinnest of our cotton gloves. They’re made of a tightly woven cotton fabric offering excellent dexterity for light assembly work. Because of its thinness and comfort, it’s also one of our most versatile gloves. Collectors, for example, love these gloves, because it means their hands don’t come into contact with collectables, but they still have a very good ‘feel’ while wearing the gloves. Other people have used these gloves as an underglove for boxing, for protecting painted nails, or to protect their skin from dust or dry substances. Some people have even used these gloves to help prevent them scratching themselves in their sleep! We can’t say exactly what you’ll be using them for, but we can say that they’re top quality, lightweight, and gentle on the skin. Features and Benefits
  • Our thinnest cotton gloves are made of a tightly woven cotton fabric for excellent dexterity for light assembly work
  • Reversible and can be used as an under or inner glove with a leather or PVC glove over the top
  • Can be used as collectors gloves while handling collectibles or jewellery
  • Can be used while sleeping to avoid scratching
  • Offers protection against irritants
Unit: Pair Size: S, L Colour: White
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