Enviropeat Absorbent Fibre 3kg, 6kg, 15kg and 22kg, Natural Fibre

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Enviropeat is a 100% natural product which has an unbelievable ability to absorb, retain and break down oil spills. A waxy surface makes it float, so it’s an excellent solution for collecting oil off water, especially in and around shorelines. In addition, Enviropeat is brilliant for dealing with oil spills on grass, gravel or other uneven surfaces. Just sprinkle on, wait for a bit, and sweep or rake up.
• Easy to dispense. Easy to retrieve. • Highly effective on land or water • Naturally-sourced pollution fighter
Specifications - 6kg bag - 100% natural - Absorbs up to 15L per bag - Loose fill
• 100% natural • 22kg bale • Absorbs up to 55L per bale • Compressed for maximum value
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