$742.00 Excl GST

The Tripod and Winch provide a robust, portable anchorage point, giving you access to confined spaces for personnel and materials.
The Dynamic Confined Space Spreader Bar has specially designed attachments to be used on all standard shoulder straps for confined space rescue and retrieval with most of our harnesses.
Tripod specs and features include:
Telescopic aluminium legs giving an adjustable height range of
1.15m to 2.15m from ground level.
Multiple attachment points: two auxiliary eye bolts and mounted pulleys.
Cast aluminium head.
Support shoes with rubber soles improve grip & stability.
Includes carry bag and in-built fixture for attaching the winch (can be removed on request).
EN795 CLASS B compliant.
Light weight, only 13kg.
Strength of anchorage point greater than 10kN.