Major Incident Kit (Full with our contents)

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Major Incident Kit

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30x Fabric Plasters – 1x Fabric dressing strip 1m x 7cm – Fabric strip 10cm x 7cm – 1x Non woven dressing strip 10cm x 7cm – 10x Knuckle plaster – 10x finger tip plaster (lge) – 5x finger tip plaster (sml) – 15x Waterproof Plasters – 5x Waterproof fingertip plasters – 5x Waterproof knuckle plasters – 5x Waterproof finger extension plasters – 1x waterproof dressing strip 1m x 7cm – 20x Wound dressings (med and lge) – 20x Sterile gauze swabs – 2x eye pad – 2x eye dressing – 10x Non adherent dressings (2 sizes) – 10x Combine dressings (2 sizes) – 1x Fabric plaster roll 25mm x 3m – 2x Paper tape (2 sizes) – 3x Scissors – 1x Tweezers – 25x Safety pins – 2x Instant ice packs – 3x Silver blankets – 15x Antiseptic wipes – 15x Alcohol swabs – 5x Wound closures – 10x Saline 30ml – 10x Latex glove pairs – 8x Crepe bandages (3 sizes) – 5x Triangular Bandages – 6x Plastic bags – 5x Cpr face shields – 8x Burn dressings (2 sizes) – 10x Burn gel sachets – 1x Saline 500ml bottle – 1x Eye wash bottle – 1x Eye bath – 6x Interlocking splints.

1x Carry bag


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