Fibre Pillow, Natural Fibre

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Fibre Pillow

Natural Fibre Absorbents

  • Activated Natural Absorbent (ANA)
  • Highly Absorbent. Absorbs up to 4 times it’s dry weight in volume. One kilogram will absorb 3-4 litres of hydrocarbons.
  • Highly Versatile. Absorbs a vast range of pollutants
  • Fast Acting. Absorption is almost instantaneous for hydrocarbons.
  • Water Resistant. 100% water resistant. Can be used on water or in wet conditions.
  • No Leakage. The fibre will not leak or discharge the absorbed pollutant
  • Environmentally Friendly. A natural fibre that can be disposed of in landfills or by incineration.
  • Light Weight.

Absorbent Fibre Pillow

These Activated Natural Absorbent fibre pillows are designed to take care of drips, lining drip trays, or absorbing pooled spills. 

Suitable for.

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Chemicals
  • Use in wet conditions
  • Two sizes: 55 x 30cm and 60 x 40cm
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